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About Me


The very first thing to know about me and this site is that I am an Independent Consultant for EmexPower .

That is the whole reason I started doing this. Hey, I had to have some way to get the word out about my EmexPower business.

My goal with the EmexPower business is to help Companies save money so that they can promote more, have more employees, be more productive and so on.  I get so tired of hearing companies failing, employees getting laid off, etc. and, hopefully, I this will be my way of helping in this area of life.

This is just a starting point. I would like to grow this so I can help companies even more. For now, this will work. It costs companies nothing to find out how much money they will save by going with me on there Electricity and Gas bills. I can’t guarantee it but the savings is usually around 20-30%. That adds up month after month after month.

My twitter handle for the EmexPower business is @RamseyPowerHopefully you will follow me and get some interesting information sometimes.

 What to know about me personally? 

You can follow my personal twitter account @TheRam2004  Why TheRam2004?  No particular reason other than TheRam was already taken.

 I love Poker and use to play online Poker all the time until the IRS  and US Government cracked down on it.  Back then I need a user name and TheRam2004 is the one I came up with. 

 I also love Nascar and the Texas Rangers.

 Of course if you follow my personal twitter account you will get to know those things and even more so about me.


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