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New Beginings

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During my travels, I have encountered a number of opppurtunities. Several years ago I noticed that a number of Energy Companies were crossing my path. Of course, me being me, it took me awhile to notice this. One company kept crossing my path over and over. I finally decided to check into it. It looked sleek and new and seemed like a great venture to be a part of. My new motto in life though is “I won’t be fooled again” so I decided to check into this Company. Well…. instead of me bashing them, let’s just say, “It wasn’t what it was cracked up to be”. Several other companies crossed my path, I wasn’t looking for these things now. They just kept crossing my path. I had one guy even run up a huge bar tab wanted me to sign up with his Company. I wouldn’t do it though as my new Motto forces me to look into things before DIVING in.  When I checked out this Company it was even worse than the one I mentioned before. I decided to not join that one. Two more Energy Companies crossed my path, were looked into and marked off before EmexPower come along.  I’m not 100% sure what I was doing when Emex crossed my path. Probably the same thing I was doing when the other Companies crossed; living long and working on surviving. I checked into Emex and though I could find a few bad comments about them, the comments were nothing and I mean NOTHING compared to the comments and complaints I found out the other Companies I looked into. Why I like Emex Power? I like Emex Power as they save Companies MONEY!
That is my key #1 reason I like Emex Power.  Saving Companies money is very important in my opinion as these are the guys that are putting people to work. When people are working, People are happier, get along better and help make the world a better place (of maybe that last isn’t so true but it sounded good there).
I would like to help Companies save money on their Energy Bills so that that saved money can be used to promote and expand their business thereby requiring them to need more employees. 
That’s my goal. It’s a lofty one. It’s a personal one and, most importantly it is MINE!
I know that I will help some companies save money and that company will be greedy, lining their own pockets with lavish things instead of helping me with my goal. I KNOW THIS. There is not a single thing I can do about that. I do have something to say about it though: The Principles of that Company have to be the ones to live with themselves, I have to be able to live with myself and I know my intentions are true. I don’t have to answer up for the prinicples of that Company but someday I will have to answer up for me.
Please go to my website http:://dealer.emexpower.com and see what I have started to do.  This is my first blog, I have many plans in the future to make this so much much better.  For now, having a blog on blogger, not having my own domain names and professional email address will just have to do.
I hope you follow along with me in my new adventure, I hope this works for me and the Companies that come on board and I hope that, in my indirect way, more jobs are supplied in the areas that I am active in.
Come fly with me!!  



  1. […] became an Energy Broker so I could do my part in saving small Business.  I wrote about that in “New Beginnings” but that is probably so very boring to read to most.  I came across this very good video on how […]

  2. […] became an Energy Broker so I could do my part in saving small Business.  I wrote about that in “New Beginnings” but that is probably so very boring to read to most.  I came across this very good video on how […]

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