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Let’s Save Small Business!

I became an Energy Broker so I could do my part in saving small Business.  I wrote about that in “New Beginnings” but that is probably so very boring to read to most.  I came across this very good video on how the price of Energy affects small businesses.  Watch this video and  read my post Business Failures on just my one day observation and then start observing yourself.

Here are some key, key facts:

  • 74% of Small Business owners feel impact of Energy prices.
  • 47% say high Energy Prices affect Job Creation.
  • 41% have been forced to raise prices.
  • 38 % of Small Business Owners do not believe they will survive high Energy costs.

I tried to find out if taxes were raised in 2011 but my search is still on going; however, that doesn’t matter regarding the point I’m making in this post– ENERGY COSTS AFFECT SMALL BUSINESS AND JOB GROWTH.

Ramsey Power is dedicated to finding the lowest Energy provider for any business out there.


America’s Energy Boom

Have you wondered what all the noise is about regarding America’s Energy Boom? What is fracking? What is happening in North Dakota?

What does this mean for you? for your Energy costs?

This short video explains it all, Please take the time to watch it and let me know what you think.

After watching go to Ramsey Power  to see how we can save you money on your energy bill.

Reason #1 to look at Commercial Energy Costs

What I am finding is that most businesses DO NOT shop utilities. They shop everything else, why not utilities?

There probably are as many different answers to that question as there are businesses out there. Probably, for most of them, it simply has not crossed their mind TO shop for utilities.  So, here I’m going to give you Reason #1 that it is imperative for businesses to shop utilities; I’m mainly going to focus on Electricity.

Every business needs electricity to operate. And the cost of having that electricity is a huge. Outside of labor, building and promotion costs the cost of having electricity is probably the single biggest bill a business has. So why not shop around and find the best possible price for that service?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration  keeps track of the average cost of electricity per Kilowatt Hour for business (and residential) for every state in the nation. I’m going to focus on Texas just because I live here. The Average cost per kilowatt hour in the State of Texas for the month of January 2014 was 7.96 cents.  That is nearly 8 cents per kilowatt hour! Over a period of a month that is going to add up. Let’s take a look at that.

I have a bill for a small business in front of me. This small business used 12,356 kilowatt hours of electricity during the month. Total cost at 7.96 cents?  $983.54!!  

Okay, it’s a bill. You got to have the service so you just grin and bear it while writing the check.  Correct?  That is what most businesses do as it simply has not crossed their mind to shop for a better price for this service!  Or, another possible scenario while writing that check is thinking “Dang! I wish this bill wasn’t so high. I need to do something about this” and then forgetting that thought all together. Oh, come on, you know one of those two things go on monthly with that electricity bill.

I zipped on over to Ramsey Power as I know we have the most powerful real time technology to save businesses millions on their electricity bill. Here is what I found when I checked on this company using 12,356 kilowatt hours a month:

I had 9 Electrical suppliers that would, each of them, offer a rate in the lower 6 cent range!  I’m going to take a middle range one and use it as an example. The price is 6.32 cents a kilowatt hour and would lower that $983.54 bill by nearly $200! That adds up over the course of a year. Do you think a savings of $2400 a year on Electrical costs would have save a few small businesses?

I don’t think it will save them all by any stretch of the imagination but I do think it will save a few and by saving a few it will keep jobs out there for people, helping the economy and the area in which that business operates.

Here’s the thing to do:


Look at how much electricity your company is using, how much you are paying per kilowatt hour and hop on over to Ramsey Power as we have the best real time technology to save companies millions on their Electricity bill.

You can also fill out this contact form and get on the path of saving money.

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